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  • Fantastic staff, fantastic flight, highly recommended to anyone looking for a stunningly beautiful and  thrilling experience.​

  • They have created something very, special, totally unique, a mountain on a boat. Incredible!

  • The flight, the views, the thrills were all "Top Notch".True professionals, A one of a kind experience.

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May 15th through Sept 5th

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to soar like an eagle? Looking for a memorable family experience? Want to have a thrill of a lifetime? Come along for a flight with us and feel what it is like to fly free while taking in the scenic views from a perspective like no other. It is a Exhilarating Experience. 


Typically, a pilot launches a glider off a hill or cliff and then rides the uprising air currents to gain altitude before he lands in a field below. Lake Pepin is surrounded by scenic bluffs and vertical cliffs which make perfect launch sites. This massive Mississippi river valley is great place to soar in a hang glider but landings had to be precisely preformed on a small beach. Much too risky of a task with another person by your side. . Owner/operator David Dybsand engineered a system whereas the pilot can launch his glider with floats attached, from a platform on a boat, then be towed up thousands of feet in the sky where he then detaches from the towline to free fly away. The pilot then lands the glider safely on the water and is retrieved by boat.