Groups and Organizations

If you are a group or organization who is looking for a unique and thrilling outing, you found it. Eagle Hang Gliding is the only water-based hang gliding operation in the U.S. It is the perfect team building and group outing experience.  

Please call 612-219-1044 for information on group rates. 

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There is a weight limitation of 225lbs and if you have any handicaps, physical limitations or possible medical conditions that may affect your ability to climb in and out of the boat, bend over, lay down, hang in harness, swim, etc, etc. or if you feel you would need assistance in any way, please call us before booking online.

Tandem Flights  (How does this work?)

Tandem hang glider flights are fun for everyone. You will have a highly skilled certified tandem instructor by your side at all times. You will enjoy the view and feel the freedom of pure flight as the glider is towed up to altitude using our state of the art platform launch system via Boat. After you have reached the desired altitude, the pilot will release from the tow line and you will experience true free flight. Your instructor will show you how to control the glider, if you’d like or you can simple stretch your arms out and feel the wind as you glide effortlessly back down to land gently on the water.  Flight time does vary depending on weather pressure  and wind conditions. Depending on the flight package you choose, time in the air can vary between 10 to 25 minutes, with another 15 to 20 minutes time preparing on the land and in the boat. Allow at least an hour for for your flight.

The Discovery Flight.

This flight you are towed 2,000 feet over beautiful lake Pepin (the Mississippi River) to take in the stunning scenic views from a prospective like no other while gliding effortlessly back down to land gently on the water. This is a great introductory flight to the great sport of hang gliding.


High Definition Media Package

Re-live and share this amazing experience with a high definition (HD) video and pictures of your flight from a perspective like no other.    (Available at time of flight.)                           


The Eagle Soaring Adventure.

Our most popular flight.  This experience is uniquely customized  to meet your desires and to take advantage of the soaring conditions that exist at the time of your flight.  We may tow over 3,000 feet and if conditions exist, we may gain altitude after we release from tow by using the rising air currents call thermals, or we may soar the orographic lift produced from the ridges and bluffs that surround Lake Pepin with majestic bald eagles that make their home around the lake. Maybe, you would like to experience an adrenaline rush. Just let the instructor know and he will show you what a modern hang glider can do. 


Payments and Reservations:

Walk-ins are welcome, but to guarantee a flight, reservations are required. Paid reservations are the only way to confirm your scheduled flight(s). If the weather is poor or winds are not flyable, We will reschedule your flight.

There is no charge for rescheduling your tandem flight prior to 48 hours of scheduled flight.

There are no refunds on tandems canceled within 48 hours of scheduled flight time. 

We do not book large groups at a discount on weekends 

Large groups cannot get refunds if they cancel within 72 hours of their flight time unless they show up and we are in fact blown out or rained out. Forecasts for the Lake Pepin River Valley are not always accurate, so call to verify if in doubt 

Final group numbers must be given and paid for two weeks in advance because we cannot block out large time slots without verification. If, after the finalization date, the group wants to add more people and we can accommodate them, we are happy to do so.