A Free Flight Soaring Adventure: 

       $345.00  (1 Person)           

       $690.00  (2 People) 

       $983.00 (3 People)- 5% discount   

    $1,242.00  (4 People)- 10% Discount


You will have a highly skilled certified tandem instructor by your side at all times. The glider is towed up to altitude using a platform launch system via Boat.  After the pilot and you have reached the desired altitude, he will release from the tow line.  Each flight experience is customized to take advantage of the conditions that exist at the time of your flight, so flight times do vary.  We may tow to over 3,000 feet, (higher than any tandem foot launch site in the World). or we may release from the tow line at a 1,000 feet and gain altitude from thermal lift, or we may soar the upward lift produced from the ridges and bluffs that surround the lake. Time in the air can vary between 15 to 30 minutes, with another 15 to 30 minutes time preparing on land and in the boat.  If you book 2 flights or more, everyone goes out in the boat and we take you up one at a time. 

Note: No passengers outside paid flights are allowed on the boat.

For a HD Video and/or Pictures of your flight (like the ones you see here.) $30.00 Please pay at flight time.

Payments and Reservations:

Paid reservations are the only way to confirm your scheduled flight(s). If the weather is poor or winds are not flyable, We will reschedule your flight.

There is no charge for rescheduling your tandem flight prior to 48 hours of scheduled flight.

There are no refunds on tandems canceled within 48 hours of scheduled flight time. 

Forecasts for the Lake Pepin River Valley are not always accurate, so call to verify if in doubt .

We are available for tandem flights June 15th through Sept 15th


 There is a weight limitation of 220 lbs. If we are in doubt about your weight, we will have you step on a scale. Kids under 18 must of parents permission and a parent must be present at time of flight. If you have any physical limitations,  handicaps, or possible medical conditions, neck injuries that may affect your ability to climb in and out of the boat, bend over, lay down, hang in harness, swim, etc, etc. or if you feel you would need assistance in any way, please call us before booking online.


​Where To Go For Your Flight

Available times to fly do become full by July.  To reserve a Glass Off Sunset Flight , please give us a call.


Because of flight time availability, gift certificates are not redeemable after July 15th. Please contact us directly to inquire and/or make other arrangements.

The Glass Off Sunset Flight!     $485.00

​Lovely, glassy-smooth lifting air occurs right before sunset over Lake Pepin as warm air collected during the day in the valley lifts off and gently rises into the cooling upper atmosphere. In the dinner menu of flying conditions, glass-off is crème brûlée. It is magic air, wonder wind and a very special time to be in the air. Reserving this time gives you an experience that is highly sought after by every hang glider pilot, but is only experienced by a few, which makes it, absolutely a  "one of a kind" experience.

In Flight Media Package    $30.00

Relive and Share this Amazing Experience in High Definition (HD) with Video and Photos!
Our Media Package Includes:

   -High Definition (HD) Video of your entire flight on a High Speed/High Capacity Sim Card
   -100+ High Resolution Photos of your flight on a High Speed/High Capacity Sim Card