We are about fun, adventure and experiencing the purest form of flight known to man.  We do this by being towed aloft thousands of feet by the use of a specially design boat and a unique pressure pay out winch system. We then release from the tow line and fly free.


* Fantastic staff, fantastic hanggliding flight, highly recommended to anyone looking for an alternative stunningly beautiful and trilling experience


* These guys know how to fly!

* They have created something very    special in one of the most          picturesque areas around

* ​The ride, the views, the thrills were all   "top notch".

* True professionals

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Lake Havasu, Az  /  Lake City, Mn.


LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA-Outdoor Recreational Activities

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly like a Eagle? With this exhilarating way to experience flight, soaring with the eagles can be a reality. Come take a tandem flight with one of our certified instructors and feel the wind beneath your wings while taking in the scenic views from a perspective of an Eagle.

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Hang Gliding can be traced back to the middle ages. Leonardo da Vinci drew a sketch of a man suspended beneath a glider and ever since then, it has been man's dream to fly like an bird. Trying to describe the feeling of flying in a hang glider is almost impossible. It’s everything you think it would be (and probably much more) 

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It has always been man's dream to fly like the birds. This is the absolute closest way to experience that freedom.


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There is no age limit.

Kids as young as 5 have flown with us and we have completed the last remaining bucket list item for a women that was 92.

The weight limit is 225lbs