Payments and Reservations:

Walk-ins are welcome, but to guarantee a flight , reservations are required. Paid reservations are the only way to confirm your scheduled flight(s). If weather is poor or winds are not flyable, We can reschedule your flight.

Preferred methods of payment are Mastercard, Discover and Visa

The Eagle Soaring Adventure.

Our most popular flight. During this flight we fly over the bluffs that surround Lake Pepin. By using the rising air currents, we are able to stay aloft and even gain altitude. We will soar the sky with Bald Eagles. (Allow 60 min. for this adventure) Flight is usually around 30 min.) 15 minutes in boat.


​The Discovery Flight Adventure

During this flight we will be towed to over 2,000 feet above the water, where we will release from the line and fly unrestricted and glide effortlessly back to a gentle landing on the water. (allow 30 min. for this adventure) 15 flying, 15 boat


The Thriller Flight Adventure

This is not for the faint of heart. This flight is full of twists,turns and dives. It is much like a great roller coaster ride. It's a extreme rush! (allow 30 minutes for this adventure) 

15 flying, 15 boat.

​                             $170.00

High Definition Video.

Re-live and share this amazing experience with a high definition (HD) video and pictures of your flight from a perspective like no other. Our special mounted go-pro camera will capture the moments that you can re-live over and over.
​                    $40.00

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Groups and Organizations

If you are a group or organization who is looking for an excellent outing, hang gliding is for you! Eagle Hang Gliding is the only operation in the U.S that provides this very unique way experiencing what is like to soar like an eagle. It is the perfect team building and group outing experience. We've had many groups come to fly with us and they love it, In fact so much, they are coming back this summer.

Please call 612-219-1044 for information on group rates.